What actually, is the best hosting for a Pet Niche Website?

We sure know that there are a lot of hosting companies out there; at least, we can name a few of them from the ads we see daily on several platforms.

….Including web hosting companies from foreign brands and local brands.

But we always find ourselves in a dilemma when we want to host our website.

It even gets tougher when it comes to pet niche websites.

Well, it’s actually a good practice to vet the WebHost to use when hosting your newly created website.

… because there’s a lot to it.

And in this article, we’d be taking a definite guide and a list of best hosting for a Pet Niche website.

Why should you be concerned about the hosting of your pet website?

Whether you plan on creating a pet blog like SoPets, or a sophisticated pet store like Chewy, there’s something that needs to be done, prior to the development of any website.

And, that’s the hosting of the website!

Building a website basically involves two things– getting a domain and hosting the website.

“The hosting of the website” is like renting an apartment on the internet, while the domain is the address.

For instance, this –www.petstore.com– is an example of a domain.

While the platform which stores your website files is known as the hosting.

Now, why do you need to be so conscious of the hosting company you use for your pet niche website?

Well, let’s round it up:

1. Speed

Most people just get inclined with any hosting they find across their way.

This is likely for most newbies without proper understanding.

Well, the hosting of any website, contributes over half of the speed of the website.

Because, if the web host is able to serve contents on a website to the user’s browser at a faster rate, then of course the website would get relatively faster as well.

But if not, you should be expecting a relatively poor load time.

It’s worth noting that a slow website is not advisable as it could piss off visitors to your site.

According to research, 25% of people would abandon a website if it fails to load after 4sec.

So you could be losing potential customers from this!

Additionally, Google hates ranking websites that don’t appear useful to users.

And they use a metric known as bounce rate to check this. In simple terms, this is the rate at which visitors leave your site in respect to time.

So, the higher your bounce rate, the more likely your website would be ranked low in SERPs.

In general, always look for a hosting company with a high-speed guarantee.

2. Security

Another thing to check in before selecting a suitable hosting for your pet niche website is “security.”

As they say, “Take your website as your business.”

If you should rent a shop today, I’m sure you’d have also bought a padlock, as well.

Well, that’s how it is on the internet.

However, there’s no general rule to finding secured web hosting for a pet niche website.

For me, however, I do go for reputable hosting with a clean profile.

And that’s what we’ve done in our list of best hosting for a pet niche website.

3. Server Reliability

A good web hosting company for a pet niche website should run a reliable server.

When I first started blogging, I ran into a local web hosting that almost crushed all my effort.

It was more like a situation where; today, my site would be live and the next day it’d be down. So frustrating, that my server always goes down every single day. And hence, I was losing visitors.

If you don’t want to experience the same thing I had experienced, then you should be on the watch out.

A reliable service is not written in the name of a hosting company.

But, however, it could be traced using some sophisticated tool that checks the history of the uptime of the web host.

You don’t have to worry about all these right now, since you’ve already to this article.

4. Pricing

I’m sure you thought this would be the first on our list.

Well, it’s important as well, but not as much as other factors.

So then, why is the pricing important?

If you’re the type who’s very conservative on the amount you spend on hosting your website…

Looking for a WebHost that offers a good value for money is an important criterion here.

7 Best hosting for a Pet Niche website

The best hosting for pet niche websites are determinants of how big the site is intended to be and as well their potential features. You don’t want to create a pet niche site today, and battle with site lagging tomorrow.

After analyzing a list of over 50 hosting companies, we’ve come to the conclusion with a narrowed a list of 7 web hosts, that are best in their respective category. Below are the 7 best hosting for any pet niche website:

  • Hostinger – Overall Best hosting for pet niche website
  • Bluehost – Best Pet Website Hosting For Beginners
  • NameCheap – Best Pet Website Hosting for Low Budgets.
  • HostGator – Value for Money hosting for a Pet Niche Website
  • Site Ground – Fastest Hosting For Pet Niche Website
  • WP Engine – Best Managed WordPress Hosting For a Pet Niche Website
  • GreenGeek – Best Eco-Friendly hosting for a Pet Niche Website

1. Hostinger – Overall Best hosting for pet niche website

hostinger homepage - overall best hosting for a pet niche website

So, Hostinger is the No.1 on our list today. In fact, it’s the Overall best hosting for pet niche websites of all kinds.

The company is among a list of successful Lithuania home-based companies.

Established way back in 2004, Hostinger is an industry-leading web hosting company based in Lithuania.

The company offers a variety of online services, including the significant web hosting service it offers and a list of others, such as;

  • Internet domain registrar
  • Web hosting
  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS
  • Email Hosting
  • Minecraft Hosting
  • Windows VPS
  • WordPress Hosting

This simply means that you don’t have to go over the stress of having to register a domain on one platform and the hosting on another.

But then, you would ask, why Hostinger?

Well, Hostinger is one, on the list of our favorite hosting options for most types of sites.

It has long stood the test time. And for this, it has solid reviews from satisfied customers on most Review platforms.

Talking of the speed, Hostinger delivers.

They have servers in over 7 countries, including; Lithuania, the UK, Brazil, the US, Netherlands, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Hence, making visitors of your hostinger-hosted pet niche website, enjoy blazing speeds, lowest latency, and unmatched reliability.

To make this review solid, we still had to check the uptime history of Hostinger.

And this is what we got:

hostinger uptime

Finally, Hostinger services have a good value for money.

You can have your site hosted for as little as $1.99/month.

Below is a detailed view of Hostinger pricing;

hostinger pricing - best hosting for a pet niche website


  • High Security
  • Scalable Plan
  • 30 Days Money Guarantee
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • WordPress Support

2. Bluehost – Best Pet Website Hosting For Beginners

bluehost - best hosting for a pet niche website

Bluehost is sure, the most recommended hosting platform on the internet.

Well, there’s a reason for that, obviously.

Bluehost is one of the subsidiaries of the popular digital company, Newfold Digital.

The platform was launched way back in the donkey years – So, It has gotten a wide range of experience in the field, making it an expert.

…not just a bunch of newbies that can’t be relied on.

After 13 years of its launch, it was bagged in a list of the top 20  largest hosting in the world.

And by 2010, they were over 2 million domains registered on the platform.

Enough of the chatters.

Bluehost is a behemoth in the industry of web hosting. And it’s a perfect fit for any pet niche website.

Not only that Bluehost offers unmatched web host services to users, but it is also popularly known for its high beginner interface.

Unlike what you may be thinking, the interface of a web hosting provider matters a lot.

Because, in some cases, you can get overwhelmed by the bursty, multiple, and scattered interface from most hosting companies.

So, if you’re just starting out in the “Internet industry,” you can give Bluehost a try for your pet niche website.

The price range of Bluehost is as follows;

bluehost pricing plans

Additionally, Bluehost guarantees its users 100% hosting security.

And to sum this review off, I had to check out the Uptime of blue hosting. Here’s what I found:bluehost uptime checker


  • Beginner Friendly
  • Great Customer Service
  • High Performing Servers

3. NameCheap – Best Pet Website Hosting for Low Budgets.

namecheap homepage - the best hosting for a pet niche website

When most people hear the word “cheap,” they would be like “Nah…this should be of a low quality,” right?

Yeah, most likely…

But, this is not the case for NameCheap.

Well, Namecheap way back in early 2000 as a domain registrar. So yeah, as the name implies, you could get your domain name at a cheaper rate, from them.

Well, things changed subsequently, as they began getting thousands of domain registrants all puzzled by the question “where can I host my website?.

Long story short, they diversified into offering web hosting services as well as domain registering.

The best part?

They maintained their quality while keeping their price at the minimum in the industry.

For sure, their business module has been working quite well. And in fact, I personally use them.

To finalize this review, I had to check out what some people at Trust Pilot have to say.

namecheap trust pilot reviewsSo far, Namecheap has maintained a clean Profile.

namecheap trust pilot reviews

And if there are any negative reviews, they all get informational replies – from my research, so far.

So now, why did we give it the tag, “Best Pet Website Hosting for Low Budgets”?

Well, you can see for yourself…they’re incomparably cheap!

namecheap pricing plan


  • Affordability
  • High Security
  • Free whois privacy for the 1st year
  • Very Affordable
  • Really great security service


  • Questionable Uptime

4. HostGator – Value for Money hosting for a Pet Niche Websitehostgator - best hosting for a pet niche website

Most times when we go shopping, we are always conscious of not being cheated and given a high price tag, for something that doesn’t worth much.

In this scenario, we can say, we want a good value for money.

Well, that’s what HostGator does.

HostGator has been offering value to customers globally for over a decade now and is popularly known for its wide list of servers that guarantee nimble loading time and reliability.

It might not the cheapest web hosting provider out there, but it sure offers high value for money and is a perfect hosting for any pet niche website.

The pricing of HostGator is really considerable compared to most high-end hosting companies.

hostgator pricing


  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Friendly Interface
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Unlimited Email
  • Hosting Unlimited Domain (Except Hatchling Plan)
  • High Customer Service
  • Unlimited BandWidth
  • 45 days money guarantee

5. Site Ground – Fastest Hosting For Pet Niche Websitesiteground homepage - best hosting for a pet niche website

Siteground has been in the business of hosting websites for roughly 2 decades now, and has gained quite a lot of experience in its server management.

The platform was launched in 2004 – and it has over 2 million domains, hosted, to show for it.

Siteground has been ranked severally among the overall best web hosting in the internet – well, these supposed awards are basically for its unmatched speed, as well as its security strengths.

Here’s what we got from our research on Sitegrounds uptime;

siteground uptime

and for the response time:

Siteground response time

Coming to the customer support system, they’ve also got that one right. Like most web hosts, they offer 24 hours live chat system.

In general, if you plan on running a pet niche website, then I recommend you place Siteground as a pillar option.

Now, for the pricing; there are basically three plans;

  • Startup: $3.99 per month for the first year, paid annually
  • GrowBig: costs $6.69 per month when paid annually.
  • GoGeek: $10.69 per month for a year.


  • Nimble Speed
  • High Server Response
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 6 Data Centres on 4 different continents


  • High Pricing for service renewal

6. WP Engine – Best Managed WordPress Hosting For a Pet Niche Websitewp engine homepage - best hosting for a pet niche website

WordPress is the biggest thing in the web space.

This platform account for over 43.3% of websites existing in the world. According to research, over 500 WordPress sites are created daily.

If you’re also among the league of WordPress fans – and you intend to use WordPress to create your website, then I bet you might be interested in a type of hosting called Managed WordPress Hosting.

This is simply a type of hosting that caters alone to WordPress users.

Hence, it’s a lot easier to configure and best suited for beginners who don’t want to get their hands dirty when routing your hosting.

Long story short…

WP Engine is one of the best-known managed WordPress hostings – you can tell from its name.

As a managed WordPress hosting, it’s dedicated to offering its services only to WordPress users.

It’s quite expensive though – but however, this is something you should expect from most managed WordPress hosts. Additionally, from an established name like Wp Engine, you shouldn’t be surprised.

So, here’s what the pricing looks like;

wp engine hosting plans

The least price is at $23/month- and this is just for 10GB of disk space for a site with a maximum of 25,000 visitors per month.

Generally, if you want a pet niche website with blazing speed, where everything technical is handled by hosting, then WP Engine is probably the one in mind.

To top it off, here is WP Engine’s average hosting uptime for the past 3 months;

wp engine hosting uptime


This is quite good.

7. GreenGeek – Best Eco-Friendly hosting for a Pet Niche Websitegreengeek hosting - best hosting for a pet niche website

Most likely, people who are fond of pets are usually found to be environmentalists.

It’s actually not a new thing, although.

Well, in case you don’t know, most hosting providers all have servers that release excessive carbon, which is harmful to the environment.

Hence, they’re not environmentally friendly.

But however, If you’re the type, who’s really conscious of the environment you use and promote, then GreenGeek could probably be what you’re looking for.

GreenGeek is a hosting platform that has the primary goal of offering quality web hosting service while being mindful of the environment.

The platform has been around since 2007 and currently hosts over 600,000 websites.

Unlike most traditional web host, GreenGeek, as it falls under the Green Hosting industry, tend to spend up to three times the normal power used by others, on the journey to reduce their carbon footprints.

Undermining all these extra efforts for the safety of the environment, GreenGeek is still worthwhile.

On our research on Greengeek’s Average uptime on a 3rd party service, Greengeek still managed to score 99%.

green geek hosting uptime research


Their security system for customers is also top-notch, as they offer 24 hours support live chat, and email tickets. To add it up, there’s also phone support, which is timed from Monday to Sunday, and from 9 am to midnight EST.

Here’s what their pricing looks like;

greengeek pricing


  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It has a suite of features
  • Exclusive Support system
  • Good Speed and Performance
  • Reliability
  • Relatively Affordable

Final Thoughts

That’s all for our 7 best hosting for a pet niche website.

We’ve already grouped them into the categories in which they perform best at. So it’s now up to you to get what you’re looking for. However, these hosting providers are good for almost any type of pet niche website you venture into.

Meanwhile, you can take time to read some of our other hosting reviews like flywheel and convesio.

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