Looking for an alternative way to make or receive payments on Onlyfans? Want to give Chime a try? Here’s a detailed article that covers everything you need to know about chime and Onlyfans and whether they work together.

Does Onlyfans Take Chime?

Currently, Onlyfans does not take Chime as a payment option, due to the fact that Chime’s debit card doesn’t satisfy most of Onlyfans’ payment guidelines. However, Onlyfans could take Chime as a bank option for receiving money.

chime homepage - does onlyfans take chimeAfter the supposed ban on Onlyfans (that could have forcefully removed all NSFW contents) was lifted in 2021, Onlyfans induced a number of new verification steps for users and creators.

Unfortunately, most of the steps taken were targeted at its Payments Method.

This was due to the alleged news that a lot of underaged people were trooping into the platform.

On hearing this, many financial services and companies took a motion to stop processing transactions from Onlyfans and related bodies.

To backtrack the issue, the only option available for Tim Stokely, founder of Onlyfans, was to make an agreement that Onlyfans would strengthen their security system (against underaged) and make sure the payment option on the platform is technically good.

This created a situation where, for a credit card to be accepted on Onlyfans, it has to follow some strict rules, which include:

  • The credit or debit card must support and integrate 3D support
  • The card must be issued by Discover, Maestro, or Mastercard (For Credit Card)
  • The Card must be issued by Mastercard or Maestro (for Debit Card)
  • If by any means, a prepaid card is to be accepted, it must be a Prepaid Visa Card.

Apparently, Chime doesn’t satisfy most of these requirements.

First off, the Chime debit card doesn’t support sites with 3D security. 

As you know, 3D secure is a recent security protection feature on cards that are employed in the cases of money theft when a user’s credit card is being lost or stolen.

The 3D secure acts as the second layer of protection during transactions, where a user would need to authenticate a transaction using a code that is sent to your mobile sim before any transaction is processed.

Apparently, the Chime debit card hasn’t integrated this feature, yet.

Lastly, the Chime debit card is a Visa Debit Card

At the moment, Onlyfans only supports two types of debit cards – debit cards, issued by Maestro or MasterCard, whereas Chime Debit card is a Visa card.

Does Onlyfans accept Chime Bank?

Onlyfans accepts Chime Bank as a payment option for creators. This is owing to the fact that Onlyfans boldly stated its support for e-wallets as an alternate payout option for a bank account.

It’s clear – Onlyfans doesn’t accept chime for making payments. But what about the other way round?

What if you’re a creator who wants to add Chime Bank as an alternative payment method to your account payout? Is that possible?

alternative payment method on onlyfans - can you pay for onlyfans with venmo

The good news is “Yes.”

You can make use of Chime Bank to receive money on Onlyfans. This can be helpful when you find it inconvenient, to receive “Onlyfans” money directly into your bank account.

However, for Chime bank to be accepted as a payment option on any Onlyfans account, it has to satisfy the following requirements:

  • The Chime Bank account should correlate with the name used in verifying the Onlyfans account.
  • The country address, used on the Chime bank account, should be the same as that used in your Onlyfans account.

Are there alternatives to Chime On Onlyfans?

In the search for a payment option that guarantees privacy and anonymity, while there are cards that won’t just be accepted on Onlyfans, there are others that say otherwise.

Below are some alternatives to Chime on Onlyfans:

  1. Debit Cards
  2. Prepaid Cards
  3. Virtual Cards

1. Debit Cards

Earlier in this article, we stated the fact that Debit cards are hardly accepted on Onlyfans. This is, however, because the guideline on debit cards are really limiting.

Generally for a debit card to be accepted on Onlyfans, it must be issued by Mastercard or Maestro and must support the 3D Secure.

A perfect example of this is the Venmo Debit Card for Onlyfans.

If Chime debit card doesn’t seem to work, you can look out for other alternative debit cards.

2. Prepaid Cards

Want to get a card for Onlyfans that won’t be affiliated with your personal account? Prepaid cards might just be what you’re looking for.

Unlike the traditional credit card, prepaid cards are a type of transactional mode that work independently like a bank account. They could be referred to as mini bank accounts.

A prepaid card can only be debited with as much as is being funded. In other words, you need to fund a prepaid card with the right amount of money before using.

To get a prepaid card you could go to the bank or get it ordered. But before that, do well to check our article on prepaid cards that work on Onlyfans.

3. Virtual Cards

It gets even more interesting to find out, that you can make payments on Onlyfans without even having a physical card – a higher level of privacy.

Virtual cards work like your usual credit cards – they’re affiliated with a bank account or a financial app.

The only primary difference between virtual and credit cards is intangibility and tangibility.

However, just like credit cards, a virtual card needs to be issued by Mastercard, Visa, or Discover, before Onlyfans would accept it. To cap it all, the virtual card must support 3D Secure.

They’re not a lot of virtual cards that satisfy this requirements. But here are some Virtual Cards that work seamlessly with Onlyfans.

Final Thoughts

Currently, Onlyfans does not support Chime for making payments on their network. We, however, hope this would be lifted in long run. On the other hand, you can use Chime bank to receive money, from your Onlyfans earnings.


Onlyfans works with Chime in helping creators, receive their earnings to their Chime account. However, you can’t use Chime to make payment for a subscription on Onlyfans.

Can you use chime for Onlyfans?

As an Onlyfans creator, you can use Chime to directly receive money to your Chime account. However, at the moment, Onlyfans doesn’t accept Chime, when making payment for subscriptions.

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