Want to rent a trip on Turo with debit cards, but find it hard? Turo is actually among the top rental companies in the US, thanks to its multiple payment networks

The question however is whether or not Turo accepts debit cards. Well, this post covers everything you need to know.

Does Turo accept debit cards?

Turo accepts debit Cards, alongside credit cards, as official payment methods on its platform. However, not all debit cards are accepted, considering the multiple types of debit cards.

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If you’re a user of Turo, you’ll want to know that there are basically three payment methods on the platform:

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Debit Cards
  3. Prepaid Cards

While Credit Cards are usually accepted generally by most rental companies.

In Turo, for a credit card to be accepted, it must be a credit card issued by a recognized payment network.

Some of these payment networks include American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. Otherwise, such a credit card won’t be approved.

Debit Cards, on the other hand, are also vetted on Turo, just like credit cards.

As a matter of fact, Turo only accepts Debit cards that are issued by MasterCard or Visa and linked to a checking account. Also, reloadable debit cards are not accepted.

As a general rule, Turo only wants to work with debit cards that are issued by trusted payment networks and affiliated with a bank account from trusted banks, either offline or online.

Does Turo accept prepaid debit cards?

Turo doesn’t accept prepaid debit cards, except for Revolut Card which has a personal partnership. The reason is that most prepaid debit cards don’t satisfy the company’s payment requirement.

While debit cards are openly accepted on Turo, it’s unfortunate that prepaid debit cards are not.

Well, Turo wants to build a safe environment, surrounded by authentic and verifiable users. And not just people, who would want to use their parent’s or siblings’ cards to make payments.

As stated earlier, the only debit cards approved on Turo are debit cards, linked to a recognized bank account and bears a MasterCard or Visa logo.

Unfortunately, prepaid debit cards don’t fully satisfy this requirement, as they are usually standalone and not affiliated to any bank account.

What debit cards does Turo accept?

Turo accepts as many debit cards that are linked to a checking account and issued by MasterCard, or Visa. Some of these include;

  1. Chime Debit Card
  2. Ally
  3. Cash App Card
  4. Varo Visa Debit Card
  5. Juno Card

What is the Charge for Turo Trip Paid with a Debit Card?

When a trip request is made by a user on Turo, two things can occur. Either,

  1. The user was instantly debited with the full trip fee
  2. The user was instantly debited $1, for partial payment authorization.

If you use a digital wallet in making payments to rent a trip, then you’re in the first category of users on Turo.

Because these digital wallets don’t accept “partial authorization,” they usually debit the whole trip fee, when a trip request is made using them.

However, you don’t have to worry though, since your money is safe. Peradventure, the trip request gets declined, the money would be refunded.

This is cool, normally, but a disadvantage.

Peradventure your trip request gets canceled, you would have to wait for potentially 30 days before you can get refunded.

This would have not been the case if you had used a debit card.

By using debit cards on Turo, you’ll only be charged $1 for a partial authorization.

Using this system, if the trip request gets accepted, your partial authorization fee of $1 would be refunded, while the actual trip fee would be debited.

Likewise, if the trip request gets declined, the partial authorization fee would also be refunded.

The advantage here is to avoid stocking loads of money on a thing that is not yet guaranteed. In exchange, the $1 is used.

Either way, one of the scenarios would occur. But why?

Well, this is actually a way to make sure the user is actually interested and serious about the trip request.

How to use Debit Cards on Turo

To use debit cards on Turo, follow the procedures below;

  • Head over to Turo’s mobile application or website and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the “Account Page” on your dashboard.
  • Scroll down to the payment section and tap on “update.”
  • Fill in your debit card information, press Enter, and submit.

As easy as this, you should have your debit card added to Turo, ready to make payments for trip requests at any time.

Is it Safe to Use Your Debit Card on Turo?

Considering the high level of transparency toward all transactions made on Tura, you don’t have to worry about any possible forcible use of your payment card. In other words, it’s safe to use your debit card on Turo.

Turo doesn’t have permission to make any payments without your consent.

Generally, when you make a payment on Turo, it sends the card information you have on your account to the bank account. Now, it is left for the bank you use to accept or reject it.

In other words, by removing your debit card, Turo would lose all of its access.

Lastly, Turo is an established company with global recognition – it can’t stoop so low to scam its well-built audience.

Debit Card Not Working – How to Fix

If however, in the process of making payment, your debit card was declined, below are the possible issues that could have gone wrong:

  • The debit Card went out of funds.
  • Your debit card got out of date.
  • You’re probably using a prepaid debit card.
  • Your billing address is incorrect.
  • There’s a hold on the debit card you’re using.

Final Thoughts

Turo has openly stated its acceptance of debit cards as payment methods. But however, not all debit cards would be accepted.


Can you rent Turo with a debit card?

You can easily rent Turo with a debit card, alongside a credit card, provided they’re issued by an approved payment network on Turo.

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