Here’s our approach to an extensively researched article on the top 13 free affiliate programs no website needed.

We’ve talked a lot about affiliate programs recently. 

From my experience, most of these affiliate programs would always say “Hey you, make sure you’ve got your site running and not in construction, before joining”.

Shein affiliate program is an example…

It’s kinda frustrating, yunno? Especially when you’re just starting.

But what if I tell you that there are a lot of affiliate programs that don’t require a website to join?

The majority of them don’t do that, actually.

But, how about I add a modifier like “free affiliate programs that don’t require a website?”

They’re damn available…

And in this article, we’ll take a look at 13 of these free affiliate programs that don’t require a website.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program is simply the network behind Affiliate marketing, just as we have referral programs for referral marketing.

Basically, an affiliate program is an entire setup that gets affiliate marketing into action.

So, it makes the relationship between a merchant and an affiliate feasible.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the actual process whereby a merchant runs an affiliate program to pay publishers for every sale they make.

Top 13 Free Affiliate Programs with no website needed

So, let’s take a look at these affiliate programs that don’t require a website to join.

Yeah, the free Affiliate Programs no website needed;

1. Ezoicezoic homepage

Founded way back in 2010, Ezoic is a renowned, advanced ad network.

Over these few years of exploring the ad space, Ezoic has grown to rank among leading ad networks.

It’s mostly regarded as a top viable alternative to the popular ad network, Adsense.

They’re even rumors that Ezoic pays more than Adsense.

Well, this is because Ezoic is not just an Ad network.

Ezoic is a real machine learning-powered website optimization technology for digital publishers and website owners.

The company has a primary aim to help optimize members’ websites to earn money, at all costs.

So how does the Ezoic affiliate program work?

Ezoic lets you earn a 3% commission from the earnings of your referrals for a lifetime.

So, let’s say your referral makes $1000, your commission rate here would be $30.

Imagine inviting over 20 people to Ezoic, who then starts earning $1000 within a month.

You’ll be getting a whopping sum of $600, just from a single program, with little effort.

The pillar point, however, is that you don’t need a website to join the Ezoic affiliate program.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – 3% of your referral earnings

2. Fiverr Fiverr homepage

So here’s the second on our list of free affiliate programs with no website needed.

We all know Fiverr. At least, if you’ve been In the digital marketing industry for a while.

An Israel-based company Fiverr is a leading online marketplace for freelancers.

The platform has its founding date around 2014. And ever since, Fiverr has grown to top the industry with its unique features.

So, Fiverr has an affiliate program, one of its core marketing strategies.

The thing I love about Fiverr’s affiliate program is that it allows you to promote Fiverr services from all their platforms.

This is unlike their referral program; where you get to earn when you refer a Fiverr service buyer.

The commission rate in Fiverr’s affiliate program varies based on the platform you promote.

You can check our article on Fiverr’s Affiliate Program, to understand better.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – Varies

3. PayoneerPayoneer homepage

Founded way back in 2005, Payoneer is a renowned fintech and financial services company that provides services including;

Money transfer, cross-border online transfer, payment solution, etc.

The company is based in the United States. But its services are spread to over 250 countries and territories.

So this is how Payoneer’s affiliate program works:

All you have to do is to sign up for the Payoneer affiliate program.

And then start promoting them.

The deal is to refer customers to Payoneer and get rewarded with a $25 token.

There’s a catch though; according to PayPal, your referral needs to have deposited up to $25, before you get accredited.

And yeah, you can join the Payoneer affiliate program without a website.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – $25

4. MangoolsMangools Homepage

Based in the United States, Mangools is a fast-rising SEO tool Company founded in 2


The tool is widely known for its beginner-friendly UI design.

Mangools is a combo of five different SEO tools, including KWFinder, SERPchecker, SERPwatcher, LinkMiner, and Site profiler.

These names, however, are just the company’s way of saying; keyword research, Google SERP analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and website analysis.

So, Mangools have an affiliate program; an established one if I should say.

The company is willing to pay affiliates a staggering 30% commission rate for each referral.

The best part is that it’s a recurring commission that goes for a lifetime.

All you have to do is to sign up on and then launch the mangools affiliate dashboard.

No additional information is Needed, no website is needed, as well.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – 30% of your referral purchase

5. ShopifyShopify homepage

Shopify is a popular online and offline store platform, used by over 2million people worldwide.

The company has been around since 2006 and accounts for over $319 billion of global economic activity.

So, it’s not a lousy little company.

We can say it is the store owner’s version of WordPress.

That aside…

Shopify runs a self-hosted affiliate program, launched with a 30 days cookie duration.

Additionally, you’ll be paid 200% of your referrals’ monthly subscription. But before this happens, your referral would have used Shopify for at least, 2 months.

After this payment, you won’t be paid again, even though Shopify services are based on monthly subscriptions.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – 200% of your referral’s first monthly subscription.

6. PluralsightPluralsight homepage

If you’ve thought of promoting an online course website like Udemy, without a website, then you can try considering Pluralsight.

Founded in 2004 by 4 duos, Pluralsight is an American-based privately held online class platform.

The online platform was developed by Aaron Skonnard, Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams, in 2004, to provide an alternative means for students to learn tech courses online.

And that’s the reason till today Pluralsight is known as a hub for students who want to advance their knowledge on techie courses.

Well, they kicked off the project and within 7 years, Pluralsight grew unimaginably.

Pluralsight’s affiliate program is hosted on impact radius, and you can join it, without having a website.

It is both a CPL and CPA  affiliate program.

Hence, the Pluralsight affiliate program has a varying commission rate.

If a prospective referral clicks on your affiliate link and decides to give Pluralsight a trial, you’ll be paid $5 for the successful lead (CPL).

If, however, your referral goes ahead to make a verified purchase; you’ll earn 50% for a monthly subscription, 15% for annual subscriptions, and 10% for a premium subscription.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – 50% for a referred monthly subscription

7. SE Ranking Se Ranking homepage – free affiliate programs no website needed

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool platform founded in the United States.

It is used by digital marketers to help analyze and create SEO friendly and researched content for search engines.

SE Ranking includes a full suite of tools for site auditing, competitor analysis, website ranking, keyword recommendation and grouping, backlink tracking, automatic professional reporting, and more. 

Aside from typical SEO techniques, the system includes several extra features such as White Label and Marketing Plan.

SE Ranking affiliate program is one of the free affiliate programs that don’t require a website on this list.

The program pays affiliates a commission rate of 30%. Additionally, SE Ranking’s affiliate program is a recurring commission, targeted for a lifetime.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – 30% of referral purchase

8. Dream HostDream host homepage

Founded in 1996, Dream Host is a leading web hosting and domain registrar company based in the United States.

Over time, Dream hosts have grown to be the reason for the existence of over 1.5 million websites. 

In essence, the company hosts over a million websites from roughly 400,000 active customers.

Dream Host has a variety of hosting plans ranging from shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Additionally, the web host has a domain registrar service.

Dreamhost runs a self-hosted affiliate program, of which no website is compulsorily needed when joining.

With the Dreamhost affiliate program, you can earn up to $200 for a single sale.

However, since the platform is divided into sub plans, so is their affiliate program commission.

Whereas driving sales to the starter plan would earn you $15 per sale, VPS, WordPress hosting, and Dedicated server have a commission of $30, $150, and $300, respectively.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – Varies

9. hompage is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps to streamline the workflow of digital publishers.

Launched in 2018, has received immense growth from the number of workers behind the platform to the number of users.

Unlike its competitors, offers a large variety of tools. And that’s why it’s called an all-in-one marketing platform.

Some of the features incorporated in include Sales funnel, Email marketing, website builder, blogging, etc.

So, with you can build your sales funnel, start email marketing, build your website, create and manage your affiliate program, automate your business, create a blog, run online courses, etc. is just a combo of features. And the best part of it all is that it has a very decent price.

So, here is how the affiliate program works… is a free affiliate program that you can join without a website.

All you have to do is to dive into their landing page and hit the “join” tab.

By promoting you can earn up to 40% from sales you make.

You have two basic options here: either you promote’s product or their course.

The upside of the affiliate program is that it pays a recurring commission. 

And additionally, if your referral decides to promote, you can earn 5% from them, as a second-tier affiliate

Sign Up Page –

Payout – 40% recurring commission

10. ShortpixelShortpixel homepage – free affiliate programs no website needed

Shortpixel is a popular WordPress plugin known for its core features of helping webmasters and bloggers optimize web pages via images.

It’s a top-performing image optimizer plugin.

The plugin has a good and diverse approach to compressing and optimising images.

From its ability to compress all image formats to any extent you want, to its ability to convert all image formats to WebP and Avif.

Shortpixel is actually a must-have tool for every WordPress user.

So, short pixel has an affiliate program.

And you’ll be rewarded 30% from all sales, generated through your affiliate link.

The best part of the program is that it’s a beginner-friendly affiliate program that requires no websites to join.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – 30% recurring commission

11. Design HillDesignHill hompage

DesignHill is a fast-growing online marketplace for creatives.

The platform is filled with high-quality design resources developed by vetted professionals, to help cater to small businesses and individuals.

DesignHill has a network of over 125,000 designers, spread across 59 countries, globally.

With the Designhill affiliate program, you can promote products on design hills and earn up to 20% of the product sales.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – Varies

12. ClickbankClickbank homepage

Let’s change the gear a little from affiliate programs to networks.

So, are there free Affiliate networks that don’t require a website to join?

Well, yes…and Clickbank is one of them.

Launched way back in 1998, Clickbank is an affiliate network that hosts over 6 million clients globally.

The affiliate network is a leading one and ranks to be the 87th largest internet retailer in the whole of North America.

Well, one of the reasons for their upsurge in the industry is due to their distinct business model.

Clickbank is more like an affiliate marketplace.

You can either hand your products to Clickbank with a token for them to promote them to affiliate marketers or you can become a ClickBank affiliate.

So, the deal, based on this article, is to join the Clickbank affiliate network and begin promoting them.

The affiliate network is free to join and no website is needed.

The upside in the affiliate network is that you don’t need to sign up for sub-affiliate programs on the platform, unlike other affiliate networks.

You can promote just anything you see on Clickbank.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – Varies

13. JVZooJVZoo affiliate network – affiliate program that pay daily

Just like Clickbank, JVZoo is another affiliate network we have on the list of free affiliate programs to join with no website needed.

Founded in 2011, JVZoo is an online marketplace that connects digital product creators with affiliates who promote their items in exchange for commissions

The company is based in the United States. It however has a strong wide network of over a million members across the globe.

One thing I like about JVZoo is its flexibility.

JVZoo allows anyone to join their network, even without a website, freely.

Sign Up Page –

Payout – Varies

Final Thoughts

These are the lists of our top 13 free affiliate programs with no website needed

So, it’s actually possible to get affiliate programs that don’t require a website before joining.

But the question is: what does promoting these products look like? Can you make affiliate sales without a website?

Well, stay tuned. In the next post, we’ll be taking a guide on how to market affiliate links without a website.

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