Here in this article, is a well-detailed article containing all solved queries regarding the H&M affiliate program. 

Over the years, the world has experienced a big shift in almost all aspects of life – Well, somewhat positively.

And the same thing goes for marketing, in general – good to know, the fashion industry is not an odd one.

Backtrack to the days of solely relying on local physical stores – you can attest to that.

Well, good to know. The Fashion industry still remains one of the pioneers of the e-commerce industry and affiliate marketing as a whole.

It is even counted as one of the largest sectors in the affiliate marketing industry” According to affiliate marketing statistics.

No doubt, fashion is a recession-resistant industry.

Recent Statistics show that not even a bad economy can hinder the progress of the fashion industry.

Even in a down economy, people are prepared to spend money on expensive products.

That’s to the extent it is, now.

Or should they go out naked?

One thing here is that if you’re not making money from the industry then you’re absolutely losing money.

So why not earn the money?

Well, here in this article is a detailed guide on the review of the H&M affiliate program – a top fashion e-commerce store. 

What is H&M?

H&M homepage or dashboard

Founded way back in 1947, H&M, a portmanteau of Hennes & Mauritz AB, is an international clothing vendor based in the United States.

The company has its hands over a list of 74 countries worldwide – more like it’s established in more than 37% of the world population.

H&M is one of the prominent pioneers of fast fashion brands, followed by Zara and Forever 21.

Just like the objective of fast fashion brands, H&M has an enthralling strategy of selling clothing at insanely cheap prices.

The company strives to make clothing available to people of all ages, irrespective of gender

H&M, as an established brand, is now being regarded as a chain of fashion stores, with over 5,000 stores worldwide.

H&M Affiliate Program – The Ultimate Review

To develop a more effective strategy, H&M launched its affiliate program.

The H&M affiliate program, just as the norms, allows webmasters, influencers, bloggers, etc, to earn while promoting H&M’s products.

Similar to the Ulta affiliate program, H&M’s affiliate program is quite easy to join. 

In addition, you don’t need to spend loads of money on registration and other perk fees. Because it’s totally free to join. 

But, however, on a par with the Costco affiliate program, H&M’s Affiliate has no landing page for affiliate marketers, like the norms of the Wayfair Affiliate Program.

H&M, regarding its affiliate program, solely relies on third-party affiliate networks to provide a good user experience for Affiliate marketers.

You can find their affiliate program on several affiliate networks like VigLink, DCM network, Skim Link, and the list goes on.H&M affiliate program

So, you need to take your time to evaluate the pros and cons of these networks. Because as always, there are usually differences in information in each network.

However, the most used affiliate network for the H&M affiliate program still remains VigLink.

With H&M’s involvement in these affiliate networks, the company guarantees a good user experience for affiliates. 

Policies Of The H&M affiliate program

As much as reading “policies” is not appealing to everyone, it’s advised you take your time going through the policies of anything you are or want to get involved in.Policies of H&M affiliate program

…It’s safe that way.

That aside, the H&M affiliate program policy, if I’ll say, is kinda tricky.

The affiliate program has no landing page nor a specific affiliate network endorsed by the company.

So, what do you expect?

For me, H&M affiliate programs appear to be something unofficial. Probably, since it’s not straightforward.

However, I’ll take a shortlist of the program’s policies generated from various affiliate networks and trusted sources.

As an H&M affiliate: 

  • You’re not allowed to use H&M as the head topic of your newsletter, advert, or any Marketing format. 
  • Never in any way try to impersonate H&M when promoting their products.
  • H&M is against affiliate fraud such as cookie stuffing and the rest, so implementing that in their affiliate program is against their terms.
  • You are not permitted to promote H&M products in any sexually explicit, violent, defamatory, or unlawful content.
  • H&M does not support the employment of discriminatory practices when promoting its products.
  • You’re not allowed to promote H&M products on adult websites.
  • You’re also not allowed to promote any H&M products with misleading content. E.g pornographic, discriminatory site, hate words, etc 

Country Restriction Of The H&M affiliate program

The fear of joining most affiliate programs is usually the fear of country restrictions.

If your country is restricted, then there’s no hope of joining the program, talk more of earning from it.

That aside, H&M on the other hand, comes with complications regarding the program’s country restrictions.

Where one affiliate network accepts a country, the other rejects – That’s the scenario in the H&M affiliate program

Either way, the caveat here too is to seek for the affiliate network between VigLink, DCM network, Mylead, and a few others that would suit your country, perfectly.

But before moving on, let’s see a list of countries accepted by VigLink, DCM networks, and Skim links.


  1. Canada
  2. Mexico
  3. United States

DCM network;


The DCM network has no list of countries accepted or those rejected. The company has no information regarding these aspects.

In another way, this simply means that the company pays no attention to the country location of applicants. 

Skim Links

Regarding this aspect, Skimlinks appears to be the game-changer.

The affiliate network accepts over 70 Countries –From America to Africa to Europe– for the H&M affiliate program.

You can go through the list on their page

What Type of Product is eligible for the H&M Affiliate Program?

Products available at h&M affiliate program

From women to men to babies, H&M has a vast list of fashion products, available on their website.

Unlike the Target affiliate program, which limits or restricts affiliate marketers to promote their products, H&M has no such limit.

With H&M affiliate networks, like VigLink and DCM network, you can promote just any products found at the H&M’s online store.

And guess what?

The company has thousands upon thousands of products available at H&M. 

And you can promote any. No limit, no restriction, or any strict laws. Just you and H&M

Commission Rate of H&M Affiliate Program

As said earlier in the policy section, H&M has some varying information in their affiliate program.

Well, all this is due to their unofficial play in affiliate marketing. 

Like, what do you expect from an affiliate program that has no specific landing page or at least an official affiliate network?

The point I’m trying to drive here is that the commission rate of H&M varies from one affiliate network to another.

Well, based on the VigLink affiliate network, H&M gives affiliate marketers a 5.94% commission rate for all products via their affiliate link.

Payout structure of the H&M affiliate program

If you’re interested in a short term program or a quick money scheme then the H&M affiliate program might not be the best fit for you

Based on the VigLink affiliate network, the company has a 90 payout structure.

So what does this mean?

This simply means that the company will only pay affiliate marketers after 3 months of request for payment.

So let’s say, in January, you made up to $10 in total and decided to withdraw the money to your respective bank of choice or PayPal account.

If you request for withdrawal on January 31st, it’ll take the following three months before you can receive your money.

Precisely, that should be around April 31st.

So, what about their minimum withdrawal?

VigLink, with regards to H&M, has a minimum withdrawal of $10.

In addition, VigLink’s payout structure accepts several payment methods like wire transfer, ACH, PayPal, and even check.

Cookie Duration of H&M affiliate program

As per VigLink, H&M does pretty well regarding their affiliate program’s cookie duration.

H&M has an affiliate cookie duration (referral period) of 30 days – Way better than Home depot affiliate program session-based cookies or even that of Chewy affiliate program.

H&M’s cookie duration is a green light towards the affiliate program. And yeah, that applies to all affiliate programs.

In fact, Cookie’s duration is one of the major, effective guarantors of high conversion.

Imagine getting yourself into an affiliate program with a poor cookie duration, let’s say 1 day.

… Then you shouldn’t be surprised by the slack in conversion rate.

Like, how many people do you expect to buy your affiliate products within a day. 

Based on my experience, the only exception to this is buyers who are already familiar with certain products. So they don’t need to do further research.

But wait, are you getting any of this, or you’re just lost?

Don’t know what Cookie is?

As funny as the name may sound to you, Cookie is an integral part of affiliate marketing.

Generally, Cookies are sets of sensitive data packets which are usually stored temporarily on browsers.

These cookies tend to house sensitive information which is being shared between a user and the website.

Enough of the digress.

The affiliate market industry uses cookies (precisely, third-party cookies) to make tracking affiliate referrals easy.

So with cookies in place, almost every action taken after a click on your affiliate link is being recorded and accredited to you.

So what are cookie durations (referral period?

To make things more complicated, the affiliate marketing industry introduced a new way to allow Marketers to assign certain periods, of which a cookie in a user’s browsers, would be effective.

This induction, they termed Cookie duration.

So with this in place, Merchants like H&M, Nike, Adidas, Amazon, etc, then began applying the cookie duration to their programs.

So, for instance, H&M Affiliate Program has a 30 days cookie duration. 

Using a scenario where someone clicks on your affiliate link, loves the products, and probably adds it to their cart (This doesn’t matter).

If he doesn’t buy the product at the moment, you’re on a safer side due to H&M’s long-term cookie duration.

So far it’s within the 30 days time range of clicking the link, if he comes back to get the products after some time, you’ll get your due commission.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the H&M affiliate program?

This is a question most people tend to ask. But is it attainable, is it possible? Can you make $1000 monthly from the H&M Affiliate Program?

Can you make $1000 from H&M affiliate program?

Well, the short answer is a fat yes.

But as I will always say – it depends on a whole lot of things.

Majorly, it is traffic.

Additionally, the possibility of getting high ticket products is also another role player to reach the $1000 monthly mark, faster.

Concerning the traffic stuff, it all boils down to your effort, the audience you have, and the relevance of the products to your audience. 

Because, if I am asked, H&M has done a pretty good job, in terms of its popularity and authenticity.

So, yours is to get your hands dirty and get traffic at all costs, be it social media, Organic search, pay per clicks, etc.

That aside, let’s take a quick look at the practicals of making $1000 monthly.

Let’s say, for instance, you decide to promote products from the “PANTS FOR WOMEN” category.

Products catalog at H&M affiliate program

To be precise, let’s take the first products on the row in the image above.

If you look clearly, you’ll notice the product is priced at $109.

Mathematically, using VigLinks commission rate of 5.94%, H&M’s affiliate marketers would be earning around $6 for every “Knit cashmere-blend pants they sell.

With this product in mind, you will have to sell around 167 of them to earn 1000 dollars monthly.

But as I said earlier, “it all boils down to your traffic”.

Selling these number of products should be easy, but the question is; do you have the audience expected?

If we do a bit of more calculation here, you’ll notice that you’ll need around 3’340 unique visitors, using a conversation rate of 5%, to makeover 167 product sales.

You’ll need to take a step further, to learn some affiliate marketing strategies so you don’t end up asking “is affiliate marketing worth it?”

Pros And Cons Of Ulta Affiliate Program 

Pros and cons of H&M Affiliate Program

So here they are:


  • Reputable Brand – H&M is a well-established and reputable brand that has been around over the years. Making sales shouldn’t be a problem, from H&M, since you are probably and possibly H&M’s insiders.
  • Staggering Cookie Duration – Using VigLink’s network, H&M does pretty well in terms of its cookie duration. At least, a 30 days cookie duration is more or less the standard of most affiliate programs’ referral period (cookie duration).
  • Varieties Of Products – H&M has a vast list of products in their storehouse, as well as at And with the use of their affiliate network, you can promote just anyone available.
  • Cheap Product Prices – Just as the likes of Fast fashion brands, H&M does insanely well to provide extremely cheap prices to its audience. The good thing here’s that you can take full advantage of it.


  • No International Delivery – If you’re a type who has an audience all over the word or primarily outside the United States. Then H&M’s affiliate program might not really work for you, since the company doesn’t ship internationally. Or else by the use of shipping forwarders.

Alternatives Of H&M Affiliate Program

H&M is a bit okay for a physical product affiliate program. But how does it compare to its rivals?

Meanwhile, Let’s check out some alternatives to the H&M Affiliate Program.

1. Nike 

Nike logo – Nike affiliate program

Nike is not a new name in the clothing industry, likewise their affiliate program. 

Over time, the company has developed to become the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of athletic shoes, apparel, and other sports equipment

There are actually no two ways about it – if you find yourself in the clothing, fashion, or beauty industry, you’ll possibly end up signing up for the Nike affiliate program.

Okay, back to business…

The Nike Affiliate program, unlike H&M, is basically hosted on the Awin affiliate network.

Coming to their commission rate, Nike does pretty well. It gives affiliates a whopping 11% commission rate, unlike H&M’s 5% commission rate.

Additionally, likewise H&M, Nike offer a 30-day cookie duration.

However, as Nike is a brand of its own, you might not get the varieties you need from them. 

Well, to that, it’s ideal you add Nike to your list of affiliate programs rather than alternating it.

2. Shein

shein logo

Just like H&M, Shein is another hitting fast fashion brand. But this time, it’s mostly centered on women’s fashion. 

Yet not limited, the company spreads their hand over, to include both men fashion, children as well as that of women.

The company is known for its dominance in the fast fashion industry. Though it still has H&M, Zara, and a few others in front.

As most people will say, product varieties rules. Well, Shein didn’t give a deaf ear to this.

The company is enriched with over 600,000 products, at any time of the day.

Coming to their affiliate program, Shein does pretty well.

Just like H&M, Shein generously gives affiliates a staggering 30 days cookie duration (referral period), Backed up with a 30 days Cookie duration.

Curious about the Shein affiliate program?

Check out, our review on it.

Final Thoughts


That’s just it.

If you’re able to pull in traffic to your H&M affiliate links, then I bet you’d be pulling off sales – Considering their mind-blowing cheap prices!

But on the other hand, watch out for the Cons of it, as enlisted above.

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