It is one thing to create an Onlyfans account, and another to come up with a perfect name and username for the account.

Many people might find this stage irrelevant. But, guess what? This is absolutely one of these stages you don’t want to toil with because it can either break or make your Onlyfans progress.

How to come up with an Onlyfans name?

Generally, when coming up with a good name for your Onlyfans, you would want to choose a fancy name that is easy to remember and displays the type of content you’re intending to make.

Another thing to note is that not everyone wants to use their real name on Onlyfans. While many people are willing to flaunt their Onlyfans account on social media and forums, others just want to stay anonymous. Hence, they’re in search of an anonymous Onlyfans name.

Whichever way, we’ve prepared a detailed article on how you can create a perfect name for your Onlyfans. Sit tight and read them:

How To Come Up With An Onlyfans Name

To come up with a perfect Onlyfans Name, firstly, understand what you want (anonymous or real), come up with a ton of ideas names that would match your niche, and then vet on a perfect one based on the length, realism, and whether or not it is easy to remember.

Whether you’re in the category of people who just wants to get that unique identity on Onlyfans or want to get an entirely anonymous identity, your primary focus should be on getting a good name.

Below is a detailed guide on how you can come up with a perfect Onlyfans Name:

  1. Settle down on whether or not you want to stay Anonymous
  2. Make the name Simple, short, and easy to remember
  3. Choose an Onlyfans name either based on a category or yourself
  4. Make the name mnemonical
  5. Leverage a Name Generator tool

Settle down on whether or not you want to stay Anonymous

Not everyone wants to live their normal lives on Onlyfans – they can’t seem to find the reason not to do so. Possibly this could be due to the fears of your Onlyfans leaking out and what family and friends have to say. And so they decide to upload videos with masks, voice changers, entirely different names, etc.

If you feel like that could be your fate on Onlyfans, then you’d have to decide on that at the very beginning. Apparently, your Onlyfans name should be the first thing to change.

It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t go off with an anonymous name on Onlyfans, due to “Onlyfans verification process.” This is a process of registration that needs to be satisfied before your account would be monetizable.

During the verification process, you’d need to submit your name (real) and some government documents. Plus, the information you give to them must all correlate with each other. If they don’t, your account won’t be approved.

That’s the reason you will want to use your actual name at the very start. After your account is approved, you can kick off with an anonymous name. This leads us to the next section.

If however, it becomes difficult to get your account approved, do well to check our troubleshooting guide on getting your Onlyfans verified.

Choose an Onlyfans name either based on a category or yourself

There are two primary ways to make a name for your Onlyfans. You can either go with a name derived from yourself, maybe your household name, a short-form name, your history, or just about anything that relates to you. Otherwise, you’d want to go with a name that perfectly suits a particular Onlyfans category.

The first is perfect in a case where you want to be yourself. However, if don’t plan on showing your face, then you might not need to take a name from a category, or better still a name that would suit your anonymous identity.

For instance, an upcoming Onlyfans creator named James Bryan intends to come up with a perfect name for his Onlyfans account, he’d only come up with 3 sets of naming Ideas…

  • A name that is derived from his life: it could either be his full name (James Bryan), his nickname (Jay Jay), a creative play of his actual name (Jabry, Bryjam, etc), or a short name (J. Bryan), and the list goes on.
  • A name, derived from the category you intend on entering: if James Bryan decides to post content based on cosplay, he can go with “James Cosplayon, James Cos” – you get the idea? Plus, if you feel like adding some s*xy words like horny, s*xy, and hot, as suffixes and prefixes, that’s a good idea, as well.
  • A totally Anonymous name: If you really want to be anonymous, then you should look out for a name that is totally off the hook. That is, someone else shouldn’t be able to backtrack the name as you. If you can’t find a way to get a perfectly anonymous name, then you might want to use a naming tool – we’d talk about this later.

Make the Name Simple, Short, and easy to remember

Now, you should have gathered a list of naming ideas, based on the three categories we talked about earlier. The next step is to vet them.

Whether it’s an anonymous name or not, try to go for a name that is quite simple, short, and easy to remember. This would help your fans on Onlyfans to easily remember you.

Imagine having a name such as “Rvenokystamnero James”. Mind you, that’s a great name. However, it’s not something we’d advise you to use. Reason? Well, it’s obviously so lengthy, hard to remember, and pronouncing is kind of difficult for an average English speaker.

In the case where your names are lengthy or difficult to pronounce, it’s advisable you try to shorten them. For instance, say “Annabel” is a really long name, you could shorten it by using “Anny.”

Or like in our previous example, instead of “Rvenokystamnero James,” you can go for “Rveno James” or “Okysta James.”

Likewise, if you plan on leveraging an anonymous name, you should do the same thing. Take up a name that is easy to remember, short and simple. Most importantly, it should be entirely different.

Don’t use a Complicated Name

Now that you have blacklisted some of the names you already have on your list, make sure they also pass through the “complicated names test.”

There are a number of ways to go wrong with your Onlyfans, and complicated names are a sure route to that. As we said earlier, “simple and short” names should always be your priority when naming your Onlyfans account.

Likewise, avoid making use of numbers, punctuations, and stickers (if enabled) on your Onlyfans account names.

Leverage a Name Generator tool

Undermining all the steps mentioned above, you probably are still in the woods stocked on how to start generating naming ideas for your Onlyfans? Well, good to know, there’s an easy way to get over this.

how to come up with an onlyfans name

Fake-name generator is a tool I have been using for a long time now. Not just that it could get a cool name out of the blue, but it would create a complete identity for your generated name. (And no, I’m not getting paid to do this – I’m actually a user, not an affiliate marketer.)

Here’s an example of what I mean:

how to come up with an Onlyfans name (1)

All I had to do here was to choose my gender, the country name set, and the country of origin. Then Boom, I got a nice anonymous name with a new identity on a whole new level.

Leverage this, and you won’t have to struggle about coming up with a good Onlyfans name.

Final Thoughts

The idea of creating an Onlyfans name is quite easy if you apply the right strategies.

And again, to come up with a perfect Onlyfans name, create a list of naming ideas either based on yourself, an Onlyfans niche, or an anonymous identity, and then vet a perfect one based on their realism and simplicity.

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