In today’s article we’ll be taking a look at our best makeup affiliate programs for beginners in 2022.

Women are always clinging to doing make-up. More like, they can’t live without it.

In fact, reports that 70% of women can’t leave their residence without makeup.

According to recent statistics, even a weak economy cannot stop the beauty sector from growing.

Trusted sources have it that the beauty and makeup industry has been noticed to consistently grow at a CAGR of 5.3% annually.

All this has led to the rise of the makeup and beauty industry, in general. You can tell, it’s a perfect evergreen niche for any blogger or affiliate marketer.

Well, we’ve put energy into this article to bring to you our top hand-picked makeup affiliate programs.

What is a Makeup affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing has been around for a very long time, long before it was even called “affiliate marketing.” The deal in Affiliate Marketing is simple. A marketer/producer creates a product, tags its price, and then asks affiliate marketers to promote for a share, called commission rate.

So, the introduction of affiliate programs is just a simple way to organize all these processes into one sheet. And makeup affiliate programs fall under the category of “affiliate programs.”

A makeup affiliate program is an affiliate network/program, accessible to affiliate marketers to apply and start promoting a line or variety of makeup products for an agreed commission per sale. And, in this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best makeup affiliate programs for beginners in 2022.

What makes a good MakeUp Affiliate Program?

Before we go over our list of best makeup affiliate programs for beginners…what actually makes a perfect make affiliate program or Affiliate Program, in general?

Let’s take a look at them…

1. Commission

Apparently, this is one section everyone wants to check before joining any affiliate program. Yeah, but don’t be blinded by commission alone.

Depending on the type of affiliate program, commission rates can be as low as 0.5% to as high as 50%. In most cases, commission rates on digital products are usually higher than that of physical products.

For makeup affiliate programs you’d need to notice a commission rate range of 1-10%. 

As I said earlier, don’t be blinded by commission alone. Do well to check other metrics and how the program fairs well.

2. A known Company?

The importance of promoting a known company can’t be overemphasized. From company reputability, and product awareness, to shortened payments to affiliates.

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t, at any point, try promoting products from a new or not widely known company, but you should limit yourself to them. Because, for a fact, there is always a higher conversion rate when you promote a popular brand than a new brand.

And the primary reason for this is “trust.” Most people would buy a product if it’s from a trusted brand. According to one study carried out by Edelman, 81% of consumers say that they’d need to trust a brand before they can buy from them.

Not only that most affiliate programs from new brands come with low conversion rates, in some cases, they also appear to be scams.

Personally, it has happened to me; when I promoted a product, and it all turned out to be a waste of my precious time.

So, yeah; promoting a reputable company is pretty much better than promoting an unknown company with some huge commission enticements.

3. Cookie Duration

This is one section, a lot of people, especially newbies, overlook. Perhaps, that’s because they don’t actually mean.

Well, cookie duration is an important factor in affiliate marketing. 

And before joining any makeup affiliate programs for beginners, try as much as possible to analyze it for a better cookie duration.

Enough chatters…cookie duration is a set time given, at which a cookie can last in a referral browser.

In terms of affiliate marketing, cookies are a set of data packets stored in a referral’s browser, when they click on your affiliate link.

This sensitive data stored in cookies could be referral data (for affiliate marketing), a stored cart (for eCommerce), or just a website login credentials…

Using the referral data, Affiliate networks and merchants can now track a referral action, including whether or not they’ve taken a purchase.

In simple terms, a cookie’s duration indicates how long a potential buyer who clicks on your affiliate link will generate money during a given campaign.

Take, for example, a vendor who sets the cookie duration to 30 days. This means that once a link is clicked, affiliates have exactly 30 days to close the deal. When the timer runs out, you won’t be able to make any money.

If a purchase is made inside this time frame, however, it’d be eligible for a commission.

Generally, the higher the Cookie duration, the better it is for affiliates.

So, before joining one of the enlisted makeup affiliate programs for beginners, make sure to check their cookie duration.

Best Makeup Affiliate Programs for beginners in 2022

So, now on to the nitty-gritty of this article, what are the best makeup affiliate programs for beginners in 2022 that you can add to your streams of income?

1. Sephora sephora

So, Sephora is the number on our list, today, on makeup affiliate programs for beginners…

Based in France, Paris, Sephora is a leading makeup and beauty brand founded way back in 1970. 

The company, as a niche fashion brand, offers a wide variety of makeup and beauty products, cosmetics, skincare, body, fragrance, nail color, beauty tools, body lotions, and hair care, to keep its customer base.

Sephora features products from over three thousand unique brands, amounting to 10-1000 products in their store.

In a previous article, we’ve already talked about the Sephora affiliate program in detail.

Sign Up – via Impact, search for sephora

Cookie Duration – 24 hours

Commission Rate – Up to 5%

2. Sundaily

One of the fastest-growing neurotic-based companies, Sundaily is a leading makeup products manufacturer that focuses solely on the production of research-based neurotics and ingestible skincare.

According to the company, beauty starts from health. So they make all efforts to provide beauty products to meet the needs of their customers, while also keeping it health-wise.

This difference, if for nothing else, could help you amass a whole lot of sales and increase your conversion rate if used well by tactical affiliate marketers. With just a little, “you can avoid the side effects, like skin burns, from most beauty products, by using ingestible skincare from brands like Sundaily,” you can be making sales with just a push in traffic.

So now to the commission rate…

Sundaily affiliate program comes with a cookie duration of 15 days, with a so said average commission of $50 per sale.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – 15 days

Commission Rate – Up to 15%

3. XLASHxlash affiliate program

 XLASH started in 2011, just like Sundaily. The best part? It also offers natural products…

I don’t know…but I think Natural products are now the new trend for most makeup brands. And in maybe a few months or years, from now, they might grow to be the acceptable sets of beauty products.

XLASH, however, is a niche brand, as it only appeals to provide natural products for the human eye lashes…I guess that’s where they got the name from.

They claim that their products are health-friendly, with not a single chemical or irritant. 

According to XLASH, their products have an average order value of $55. So with a commission rate of 15%, you sure would be making nothing less than $8.25.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – 30 days

Commission Rate – Up to 15%

4. Olive Youngolive young affiliate program

Olive Young falls in the category of K-beauty, a group of cosmetic and skincare products based in Korea. In fact, Olive Young is among the leading brands in this sector…

If you’ve been in the beauty industry for some time now, you would know that K-beauty has been kicking off sales recently even across Europe, in addition to the fact that it’s already a popular sector in Asia.

In fact, around 2019, the k beauty was valued at $10.2 billion and expected to hit $13.9 billion in 2027, with a growing CAGR of 9% from 2021 to 2027.

So, back to Olive Young…

Affiliates of Olive Young affiliate program have a referral period of 30 days, to make sure their referral makes a purchase. Which is also backed up with a 5% commission rate.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – 30 days

Commission Rate – Up to 5%

5.  Adore Beauty

adore beauty affiliate program

Making up the No.4 on our list of best makeup affiliate programs for beginners…

Adore Beauty is a leading makeup and beauty brand based in Australia. In fact, they’re the first cosmetics brands to sell online, exclusively, in the whole of Australia.

The company was started in the late 2000s by a 21-year-old fresh business graduate, Morris. At the time, she had to take the bold step of taking a business loan worth $12,000, to kick start her dream business.

And, before the end of 2010, her sweat paid off, making over 2 million turnovers in the business. As of 2016, Adore beauty was valued at a whopping $16 million, featuring over 150 brands with about 10,000 products.

By joining Adore affiliate program, you’d have access to thousands of products with a standard commission rate of 10% and 30 days cookie duration.

The program also makes it a priority to support affiliates with a bunch of creatives, such as banners, text ads, etc. One more thing, if you run a coupon or discount site, you wouldn’t be accepted to their program.

Sign Up-

Cookie Duration – 30 days

Commission Rate – Up to 10%

6. Mica Beauty Cosmetics

mica beauty affiliate program

Mica beauty cosmetics affiliate program is one of the most generous makeup affiliate programs I have ever come across. Not just because of their 22% commission rate, but their sales accreditation system.

Mica beauty cosmetics just like Sundaily offers products that are 100% natural, which fits the new needs of most fashionistas. 

While makeup is their target category, they also offer all products from Makeup, Skin Care, and Beauty, in general.

As an affiliate of Mica beauty, you’d have access to promote a wide range of products with a 22% commission rate and an insane lifetime cookie duration. 

Meaning that you’ve trapped anyone who clicks on your referral links to make a purchase. Even if they don’t make it instantly, but as long as they eventually make the purchase, you’d earn your due commission.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – Life time

Commission Rate – Up to 22%

7. Avon

avon affiliate program

Based in London, Avon, also known as Avon Product, is a British multinational Skincare, Makeup and cosmetics brand founded way back in 1886.

Even if you’re not a beauty products fanatic, I bet you should have heard a lot about Avon – The door to door cosmetics brand? Yeah…this is it.

According to Wikipedia, Avon is the second-largest direct selling enterprise and the 14th largest cosmetics brand worldwide.

The affiliate program?

Well, they make everything seem easy…

If you plan on promoting makeup affiliate programs for beginners, from popular brands, then you should try considering Avon affiliate program. At least, they fall under the “makeup affiliate programs for beginners.”

The program comes with a 30 days referral period and a commission rate of up to 10%, to keep you committed.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – 30 days

Commission Rate – Up to 10%

8. True Naturaltrue natural affiliate program - makeup affiliate program for beginners in 2022

The deal has always been to stay safe and healthy, actually. Undermining everything a brand promises, if it isn’t advisable health-wise, then there will always be rivals.

And that’s one reason there are a lot of beauty brands sprouting, here and there, promising consumers side effect-free products. We all know beauty products are excellent, but mind you, they can be dangerous as well.

One way to solve all this dilemma of avoiding harmful products is by organic, more like Natural. And here we have “True Natural.”

True Natural is a team of researchers, Estheticians, and beauty experts, who claim to bring out the best of beauty in nature. The company offer products that are chemical and synthetic-free.

The affiliate program?

Depending on the type of products you promote, you can earn up to 10-15% of commission. Additionally, there’s also a 30-day cookie duration. 

True Natural doesn’t run a self-hosted affiliate program, rather you’d need to join via a third-party affiliate network. You can join via True Natural, using the Rakuten affiliate network. In this case, search for “Advertiser ID 35251.”

Sign Up – Rakuten Affiliate Network

Cookie Duration – 30 days

Commission Rate – Up to 15%

9. Stila Cosmetics

stila cosmetics affiliate program - makeup affiliate programs for beginners in 2022

Stila is a leading American-based beauty and cosmetics brand founded in 1994. The company was created by the popular makeup artist, Jeanine Lobell. 

The name, “Stila,” was derived from the Spanish word, “Stil,” meaning “Style”. But when Jeanine Lobell, the founder, was asked in an interview for the reason for the name, her response was “We just made it up.”

With over 25 years of experience, Stila has grown to be one of the leading cosmetics companies in America.

Stila rewards affiliates with up to 6% of the commission rate for every sale their referral is able to make. 

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – 60 days

Commission Rate – Up to 20%

10. Ulta Beauty

Ulta affiliate program home page

Just another one on our list of makeup affiliate programs for beginners, Ulta beauty is a brew of the 90s…

The company works just like any beauty and makeup brand; meeting the needs of people with well-researched, classy, premium, and updated products.

So, it isn’t just limited to makeup products alone, but rather everything, beauty products, from fragrances, cosmetics, nail products, bath and body products, to beauty tools as well as hair care products.

We won’t be talking much about the Ulta affiliate program, since we’ve already taken out time to do that in the past – Ulta affiliate program.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – 30 days

Commission Rate – Up to 5%

11. Beauty Bakery

beauty bakerie affiliate program - makeup affiliate programs for beginners

Beauty bakery started back in 2011…in order to fill in the gap of makeup that’d suit black skin perfectly.  According to Cashmere Nicole, the founder of Beauty Bakerie, she grew interested in launching her own beauty company when her daughter began complaining about the fact that there is not really enough black skin makeup, at the time.

That’s how the company started…but, at the time, now, they sell beauty and makeup products for just any skin tone.

Currently, Beauty Bakery is one of the fast-growing makeup brands in the United Kingdom, selling to over 100+ countries. The best part? They sell natural products.

As an affiliate of Beauty Bakery, you’ve got 30 days of cookie duration, to make every click on your referral link count and an 8% base commission rate.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – 30 days

Commission Rate – Up to 8%

12. Nanshy nanshy affiliate prorram - makeup affiliate program for beginners

Nanshy’s mission is simple; “Help people be their best, beginning from their look.”

…and that’s the reason they launched their affiliate program.

Nanshy claims to understand the real drive to why people spend so much on beauty and makeup products, one of which is a unique style. In short, the company was born to settle that difference.

Nanshy’s affiliate program is open to everyone, from bloggers to mere influencers. By signing up here, you can earn up to a 10% commission rate with a staggering lifetime cookie duration.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – Lifetime

Commission Rate – Up to 10%

 13. Glambot

glambot affiliate program - makeup affiliate programs for beginners

When we look solely into makeup affiliate programs for beginners, Glambot’s program is one that we can’t just overlook.

Glambot is one of a few beauty brands that focus solely on makeup products. The company was launched by Karen Horiuchi in 2012, and has, today, grown to be one of the online destinations for the largest collection of rare, discontinued, and popular makeup products, in general.

Just as the norm, Glambot’s affiliate program allows affiliates to earn a particular percentage while promoting them. And in this case, you can earn up to 10% commission for every sale you’re able to make.

You could also be rewarded incentives if you’re able to refer more sales to the company. As the company suggests, the reward could start from as little as 50$ to 300$.

Sign Up –

Cookie Duration – Undefined

Commission Rate – Up to 10%

Final Thoughts

So, that’s our list of best Makeup affiliate programs for beginners, with solid overviews of -13 of them.

Which of them would like to join, first? The baton is now in your hands…

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