So you’ve got a vanilla gift card from a friend or probably bought one, and have tried to use it to make payment for a subscription on Onlyfans, all to no avail? Is there a fix for this?

This post covers everything you need to know about “Vanilla Gift Card not working on Onlyfans” and any possible fix.

Why is your Vanilla Gift card not Working on Onlyfans?

Even though Vanilla gift cards are a type of prepaid card, they naturally don’t work on Onlyfans, due to the inability to be reloaded. Nonetheless, there are other prepaid cards that work seamlessly on Onlyfans.

Ever tried to use a Vanilla gift card to make payment on Onlyfans, but failed?

best way to fix vanilla gift card issues

Well, it’s not your fault – you didn’t use a fake, wrong, or less funded card – your vanilla gift card was actually rejected because Onlyfans doesn’t naturally accept vanilla gift cards.

But why?

Well, there are several reasons why vanilla gift cards don’t work on Onlyfans. Some of these reasons include:

  • Vanilla gift cards don’t support the 3D secure, a type of security system integrated into modern credit cards that are targeted to reduce the rate of money theft in the case of a stolen card.
  • They are not reloadable – Onlyfans, alongside many payment platforms, don’t support cards that can’t be reloaded when exhausted.
  • They’re not Visa cards – According to Onlyfans, the only prepaid cards that can be accepted on their network are the Prepaid visa cards, and not Vanilla gift cards.

What Makes a Card/Payment Option work on Onlyfans?

After the backtrack of the alleged banning of explicit content on Onlyfans in late 2021, Onlyfans introduced a number of guidelines, restrictions, and verification that would limit its payment option for users.

This was as a result of the number of underaged users trooping into the platform, due to its initial carefree attitude toward payment methods.

On hearing this, several banks and financial services started limiting their services to Onlyfans creators and users.

To resolve this issue, the only solution was to restrict the number of payment networks on their platform, using some sort of guidelines. This is exactly what affected Vanilla’s gift card.

Generally, for any card or payment option is to be accepted on Onlyfans, it must:

1. Master Card, Visa, or Discover (Credit Cards)

Onlyfans accept several types of cards on their network.

While Credit cards are the most accepted types of cards on Onlyfans, they still need to be watched, because not all of them do work.

For a credit card to be accepted on Onlyfans, it must be issued by either Mastercard, Visa or Discover. Otherwise, your credit card won’t work.

2. Must be a Maestro or MasterCard (Debit Cards)

If it were to be a debit card you want to use on Onlyfans, it won’t work, unless you make use of a debit card issued by MasterCard or Maestro.

For instance, this is exactly the same reason why Chime is not accepted on Onlyfans – it’s a Visa debit card.

3. Must be a Visa Card (Prepaid Card)

Want to give a Prepaid card a try?

Truth be told, Prepaid cards are hardly accepted on Onlyfans.

However, this is because Onlyfans only accept prepaid cards from a single payment network -Visa.

No other prepaid cards are accepted on Onlyfans other than Prepaid Visa cards. This is exactly the same reason, Paysafe is being rejected on Onlyfans.

4. Card Should be Capable of Reloading

Talking about Cards that are capable or incapable of reloading, we’re referring to prepaid cards.

We all know prepaid cards are standalone payment methods, that are not affiliated with any bank accounts, like traditional credit cards.

While most prepaid cards can be reloaded with funds, prepaid cards like vanilla gift cards can’t be reloaded, after they’ve been exhausted.

In fact, this is the major reason why Vanilla gift cards are not accepted on Onlyfans.

How to Fix Vanilla Gift card not Working on Onlyfans (Alternatives)

There’s no possible way to fix a vanilla gift card that doesn’t work on Onlyfans. This is because Vanilla gift cards are naturally not accepted on the platform. In fact, Onlyfans openly stated this on their page.

how to fix vanilla gift card not working on onlyfans

If you were gifted the vanilla gift card, the best thing to do now is to alternate the card for something else.

Or better still, give it to a friend, who can exchange it for money.

However, coming to payments, there are several other alternatives to making payments on Onlyfans.

….especially if you don’t want your Onlyfans transaction to come up on your monthly bank statements or want to make payments anonymously on Onlyfans.

Below are some of the alternative ways to make payments on Onlyfans without using Vanilla gift cards;

  1. Use other Prepaid Cards
  2. Leverage Virtual Cards

Use other Prepaid Cards

While most prepaid cards are not accepted on Onlyfans, because they don’t usually support 3D security, there are still some other prepaid cards that have proven to work on Onlyfans.

In fact, in a previous article, we did write down a list of prepaid cards that work on Onlyfans.

Generally, as long a prepaid card is issued by Visa, Reloadable, and supports the 3D Security system, it would likely be accepted on Onlyfans.

Virtual Cards

When your vanilla gift card doesn’t work, one of the viable options you can have is to make use of a virtual card. Just like credit cards, not all of them do work, but there are many others that do work.

Using virtual cards is quite a good way to make payments on Onlyfans, without having the stress of holding or hiding anything physical.

The idea of virtual cards for Onlyfans is to create anonymity, longed for, by Onyfans users. It’s a good alternative altogether.

Final Thoughts

It’s fine to have your Vanilla gift card not accepted on Onlyfans- it’s actually a norm. The only fix to this is to get your hands dirty with other payment methods.

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